Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad - 1965 Words

Keywords Notes What happened to the Southern secession? There was a distress on the border dispute where Texas claimed the eastern half of the New Mexico Territory where slavery issues were still not settled. As desires attached, there were threats in the Southern secession more frequently. Secession- the formal withdrawal of a state from the Union What did the popular sovereignty help? Clay made a compromise that had necessities to placate Northerners and also southerners. North- provided that California be admitted to the Union as a free state South- proposed a new and more effective fugitive slave law To appease both sides an establishment allowed the right to vote for or in contradiction of slavery for the people who lived†¦show more content†¦Her novel expressed her lifetime hatred of slavery Who was Franklin Pierce? Franklin Pierce was a democratic applicant who won because in 1852 the Whig vote in the South fell dramatically. He is the 14th president during the tension among the North and South What did Dred Scott do that was significant? Dred Scott was a slave who went from Missouri, which was a slave state, to Illinois and Wisconsin then back to Missouri with his owner. He tempted to the Supreme court for his freedom on the grounds that being in a free state had made him a free man. The Supreme Court ruled against of Scott because he was missing any legal standing to sue in federal court because he would never be a citizen. What happened between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln? In 1858 there was a race for the US Senate between the Democrats and the Republican. Stephen Douglas was a democratic incumbent and Abraham Lincoln was a Republican challenger Congressman. Douglas was a two-term senator with a remaining record and Lincoln was a self-educated man who was chosen to one term in Congress. Both of them did not want slavery. Douglas won being a senate but his answer broadened the split in the Democratic Party Lincoln’s thoughts of slavery represented national attention and some Republicans thought he would be a good applicant for presidency. What was confederacy? Mississippi,

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